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My six year struggled with his hand writing; it was messy and put him off doing his homework. I bought this set and introduced it as some fun activity books (which they are) After the first time he tried it he said “thanks for getting me the activity book dad, even though I know its a handwriting book really” My heart sank a little as I hoped he would give it a chance. He did and kept doing a few pages everyday, with no complaint and quite a bit of enthusiasm. Only 3 weeks after starting he got a head teachers award for the improvement in his writing. I’m amazed, he still ahs some way to go but the transformation has been fantastic. The books are recommended from the age of three and his little sister will certainly start these as soon as she can. From a child’s perspective they are just drawing so I won’t wait for her to struggle, better to build the skills and confidence from the start.

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