I have been asked why I used a band and its pretty simple really but very powerful
I think many people want to do things but let them slip and then probably get cross with themselves over it. A really useful first step to help you commit is to right it down and keep it someplace safe. Just writing it down makes you 42% more likely to succeed. I know some people who write their goals down and keep them in their purse or wallet and in fact I do that. Even so it’s still easy to forget especially when you are reacting to whatever situation is in front of you. So I wanted something that would easily catch my eye and snap me out of the moment to just step back take a breath and reassess what is the right thing to do in this situation. It’s a bit like the spinning top in the movie inception – a reality check.
Being on my wrist next to my watch meant it was both discrete and highly visible to me. In the early days if my wife could see I was about to forget, she would tap her wrist prompting me to look at mine and that was enough for me to stop reset and carry on with my good intentions rather than reacting to the situation; it put me back in control. The longer I used it the less reminding I needed – the band is just there always. (I actually have three now which I change to suit my outfit / setting).
Look, I’m not perfect and I do slip from time to time, but on balance there is way more getting it right than wrong.