We know that sometimes coming up with your own pledges can be difficult so we have added a few examples to help you on your journey. Soon you will be able to view other people pledges, but in the meantime we hope that you gain some inspiration from the samples below.

I will be more patient.

I will give my child more time and attention.

I will read to and with my child.

I wont always agree with my child but I will allow them to be heard.

I will be the one to diffuse conflict not escalate angry feelings.


My child is going through a difficult phase – I know it will pass and I will try to remain patient and supportive through this time.

Parent / teenager:

My teenager is developing strong opinions some of which I don’t agree with. We will commit to respect each other, values each other’s perspective, agree to disagree if we must and keep communicating to until we find common ground.

Parent / young adult:

My child is leaving home (for university) I will miss them terribly but want to support their growing independence without loosing touch. We will commit to keeping in touch regularly remembering what we have shared so far and recognising that this new chapter brings change, excitement and trepidation for us both. Keeping in touch we can share the strength of our past and joy of new opportunities.

Open minded:

In life you often meet new people or have the opportunity to try new things. Its is too easy to stay in your comfort zone. I will be open and welcoming to new people in my life. I will take the opportunity to help them and learn from them. I will take new opportunities and try new things knowing that having tried I can decide whether to continued based on knowledge not fear of the unknown.

Jane’s Pledge:

To spend more ‘us’ time with my husband, a date once a week and to get fit with the family, be it cycling, running, tennis or swimming – their choice!

My Goal:

Many times I have said I will XXX. Each time I have been half hearted and given up before I have chance to succeed. I will commit to XXXX, I will put my goal pledge in writing and I will wear my bracelet to remind me when I cant be bothered and fear I might fail. If I don’t try and don’t commit I can’t succeed.