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Someone asked me why call it “Strive”. This is why…

If you want change you have to do the changing. Einstein said the definition of madness is to keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result.

So many people fail to make changes, fail to achieve their goals, hardly ever carry through a New Year’s resolution. For the most part there is a really simple explanation – they fail to commit to changing so nothing changes. Maybe they start with good intentions but they lack the commitment to carry it through.

Look its not easy – I’ve been there. I spent years with good intentions without the actions to carry them through.

To make a change you have to change and stick to the change, there will be plenty of reasons to forget, overlook or let it slip. That’s why you have to strive, everyday, to keep your promise, your pledge to see the benefits. Just remember its you that wanted a different result and its your pledge to yourself. Maybe no-one will notice if you let it slide but you wont ge the change you want unless your strive for it.

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